Saxophone class of Châteaubriant Conservatory

March 14th 2023

My colleague Laurent Chauvet, saxophone teacher at the Conservatory of Châteaubriant, honored me by inviting me to compose three pieces for saxophones which were premiered by students on March 14th 2023 on the occasion of their class audition. The three pieces revolve around a theme of detective fiction.

Inspecteur La Bafouille is a quartet for 4 alto saxophones (AAAA) intended for students in their second year of instrument.

L’Affaire Bibou is a trio for 2 alto saxophones and a tenor (AAT) intended for students at the end of their first cycle of study. It follows the latest adventure of Bibou, the famous vigilante cat to whom I had previously dedicated a song.

SIMK 2000 is a quartet for 2 alto saxophones, a tenor and a baritone (AATB) intended for students in the middle of their second cycle of study.